Darth Vader - The Costume We Love to Hate

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The Dark Lord...The Rise of Darth Vader from Anakin Skywalker, Jedi. It's a powerful story, one of love and hate...for the same character. The Star Wars Darth Vader Collector's (Supreme) Edition Adult Costume is fitting of the Dark Lord of the Sith. The rise of Darth Vader from Ani Skywalker, slave boy of Naboo to Jedi Knight to Dark Lord of the Sith is a long and arduous journey.

The sweet child we meet, Ani, strong of Force was taken with his mother's permission to train as a Jedi Knight though he was older than most who are chosen for training. The Force was so strong in him. Unfortunately, Ani was never able to control his anger, which made him a prime candidate for the dark side of the force.

Even before he and Padme Amidala married in secret, for Jedi were not supposed to wed, Ani had begun his slide downward. Anakin's fall to the dark side had already begun years ago with his lack of ability to control his anger. Even this happy event did not keep Ani from slipping deeper and deeper to the dark side.

Overcome with the fear of being found to have married Padme and the fear of losing her only hastened his journey to becoming a Lord of the Sith. Anakin and Amidala were separated much of the time during their marriage and by the time Padme Amidala got pregnant, Ani had begun the process of crossing from Jedi to Dark Lord of the Sith.

He had even begun his transformation from human to machine with the loss of his arm and it's replacement with a mechanical arm. Of course, the Chancellor Palpatine (Darth Sidious) urged the dark side out of Anakin every chance he got. Nightmares of Amidala dying in childbirth tortured Anakin. Finally, convinced by Palpatine that the only way Amidala could live through the pregnancy and birth, Anakin pledged himself to the Sith Order, and was given the name of Darth Vader. Lord Vader, now believing it was the only way to save Amidala, was his new and evil path, but he believed that Padme would live.

He told her, in this quote from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,

"Love won't save you, Padme. Only my new powers can do that."
"But at what cost? You're a good person. Don't do this!"
"I won't lose you the way I lost my mother. I am becoming more powerful than any Jedi has ever dreamed of. And I'm doing it for you, to protect you."
Darth Vader and Padme Amidala (quote from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith)

One last attempt on Padme's part to bring Anakin back to the light failed and she told him

"I don't know you anymore. Anakin, you're breaking my heart! You're going down a path I can't follow!". (quote from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith)

When Darth thought Amidala had tricked him, he tried to choke her. Obi Wan fights off Vader, severing Vader's legs and his one arm. Obi Wan returns to try to save Padme and brought her to get help. Doctors tried to save her, but Padme died after giving birth to twins, Luke Skywalker and Leia Amidala Skywalker.

We see Vader sliding down to a molten lava river, so close he ignites and burns. He is saved by Palpatine and we see him mutilated, maimed, burned...and we understand how he becomes the familiar cyborg clad in black armor we know and hate.

Padme had given up the will to live, her heart broken by Anakin/Vader and her injuries from him were great. Vader was unaware that the twin children Amidala gave birth to lived. Her last words were to Obi Wan Kenobi..."Obi-Wan...There is good in him...I know. I know there is...still..." even though he is now accepted the Sith Order.

The twins were hidden from the Dark Side of the Force. Leia Amidala Skywalker was adopted by the Senator from Alderaan, Bail Organa and his wife. Later when Bail became king, Leia became Princess Leia Organa. Luke Skywalker was taken in by Anakin's step-brother, Owen Lars and his wife, Beru, to their farm on Tattoine.

At her funeral, Amidala was made to look pregnant so The Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader would believe the baby died with her. Lord Palpatine told Darth

"It seems in your anger, you... killed her." Darth Sidious (Emperor Palpatine) tells Anakin Skywalker that he killed his wife. (quote from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith)

This realization made any spark of Anakin Skywalker left die. He now had only hate and anger inside him. Who thought the love of these two characters would have so much to do with his decent into evil.

So we see what a tragic character Anakin Skywalker is. His life is a series of tragedies mixed with some goodness, lies and deceit. He has crossed to the Dark Side believing he would save what he loved, only to be the one who, in the end, destroys it. In the very end, we see Anakin Skywalker return, but tragic as his story is, it is the Vader character we remember and who remains one of the Darkest of the Sith Lords and one of the greatest Villains of our time.

That's why the costume of Darth Vader is such a popular, classic disguise that is chosen above many others every year for Halloween and costume parties. Just putting the costume on, makes it's wearer feel powerful...especially when you combine the costume and the voice changer. Of course the Star Wars Darth Vader Collector's (Supreme) Edition Adult Costume comes with a voice device in the mask. This is the costume of costumes where this Dark Lord of Star Wars is concerned...even if you don't buy it you should take a look at how well this costume is made. Right from the Lucas Studios original patterns and the plastic parts are cast from the original Lucas Studio molds.

Star Wars has given us such a powerful character in Aniken Skywalker, who we love and in Darth Vader, who we love to hate. Our hearts are broken with every defeat Ani suffers and through every evil victory of Vedar's. The Darth Vader Costume is popular and in recent years so is the Aniken SKywalker costume. He haunts us with his two sides of the Force.

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Darth Vader - The Costume We Love to Hate

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